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Get creative with your kid's Easter baskets with these fun ideas: 

From solid-colors with drips running down the sides to delicate works of art, crafting Easter Eggs is a fun part of the season and we're covering the basics to get you started.

Inspired by the Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland at Modern Parents Messy Kids, I decided to expand on the idea a little to make a "Happy Easter" banner.  Here are instructions and lessons-learned as well as a printable template for the egg and the banner. 

Today's craft is honoring two of my favorite things: Easter and Spring! By propagating seeds in eggshells, this festive window garden is Easter decor and gives me something to plant in the garden when the weather is right.

Busy woman Amanda Bunting Comen shared this fabulous craft for to-dye for easter eggs. 

Hillary Evans, CHt of TrueHypnosis shares tips for helping you to identify feelings and beliefs that may be keeping you from living a full, happy life. 

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