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Are you one the best of the best? Share the great news with busy women looking for trusted, reliable businesses and service providers by listing your business in Every Busy Woman's word-of-mouth directory. A Basic Membership includes your business' contact information and a 35-word description. You can expand your listing to 75-words and add photos, videos, links to social networks and more by upgrading to an Exclusive Membership. Your options are outlined here.

Please note if you are submitting a listing or editing a listing, we will review the submission, prior to publishing. You will be notified when your submission is posted.

Please follow these instructions here to find out more about listing your business and allow for 3 business days to approve or deny your listing.
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Directory >Your Community >Business & Finance
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Basic Business Members do not have images to accompany their listing. Exclusive Business Members can add up to 8 images. Not sure which one you are? Find out here. The first image also appears with your Summary Listing on the Subcategory Page. You can drag images to sort them, and deselect the checkbox to remove any uploaded image.